RECollective is an Athens-based group of researchers and educators in the academic and NGO sectors. Our aim is to produce research and educational tools and events that are useful, relevant and easily shared. Central to our practice is a desire to promote more collaborative ways of creating and sharing knowledge, and to reconfigure the relationships between researcher/teacher and researched/learner.

Research – Education – Culture

Areas of Work

RECollective’s focus is on social research and education, with a specific, but not exclusive, emphasis on Greece. We are working to develop a transdisciplinary methodology that is flexible and responsive to the needs of specific questions in research and educational practice. Building on our diverse collective experience, we encourage collaborations across the lines dividing academia from the arts, organising, and community education. Our research and educational processes and outcomes include academic outputs such as publications and seminars, but also workshops, exhibitions, public events, audio-visual material and arts projects.

The collective’s main areas of work are the following:

·       Migration, mobility and movement 

·       Gender and sexuality 

·       Labour 

·       Social movements 

·       Postcolonial global histories and politics 

·       The politics of disability, health and illness 

·       Culture, media and identities

How we Work

As a research and education collective, we work to foster practices that encourage meaningful exchange and mutual benefit for both organisers and other participants in a project. At root, this implies that we create spaces for real participation and co-decision making as well as mechanisms for mutual accountability.

Our practice starts from recognition of the value of different types of knowledge, including those which are conventionally devalued in favour of academic or other ‘expert’ knowledge. We understand that the desire for a collaborative research process requires ongoing collective reflection on how praxis and theory can be aligned in a world full of contradictions.

The collective seeks to build relationships with friends and allies in the broader research and educational field, and to participate within local and international networks. We strive to create a space that supports the work of other independent knowledge and cultural workers, and, within our capacities, that acts in solidarity with ongoing struggles in Greece and beyond.