Regina Mantanika

Regina is trained in Political Science in Athens is holding a Masters and a PhD in the University Paris 7-Diderot, department of social science. Her thesis adopts an interdisciplinary perspective, which draws from urban anthropology, human geography, political science and political philosophy. Currently post-doctoral researcher in the department of sociology of the University of Crete, her research focuses on a genealogical analysis of the power relations that are involved in the attempts to govern the mobility of migrant newcomers in Greece. Her previous research has focused on the spatialities of the EU and national policies of migration in borderline areas and the re-appropriation of space in urban transit zones by undocumented migrants in Greece. She has also a long experience as research associate on projects related in general to migration, borders and EU policies, collaborating with research institutes and organisations in Paris, Vienna and Florence. She has also been working as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Vienna department of historical and cultural studies. Her current research and teaching interests concentrate on urban exclusion, the history of migrant mobility and settlement and the industrial culture.

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